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CFRPM Main Page

Welcome to the home of the Central Florida Regional Planning Model (CFRPM)

This wiki is intended to be a resource for those that use and maintain the CFRPM model in Central Florida. It is provided by FDOT, but community involvement is necessary and encouraged in order to advance the CFRPM model. Contribution ranging from casual model users to seasoned power users is welcomed!

Be sure to sign-up for an account for this site if you do not already have one. Together, we can make CFRPM better.

Using CFRPM 7

Details of various uses of the CFRPM will be outlined in this section as they evolve, including running the model, configuring scenarios, how to extract key model results, use of MPO reporting tools and other applications key to the successful usage of the CFRPM.

Getting Started

  • Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • System Requirements
  • Download the Model
  • Installation Guide

Existing Documents

Links to existing documents that are not included in the standard CFRPM wiki will be listed in this section.

CFRPM Technical Support/Questions

Submit questions or concerns or suggested improvements related to CFRPM.

Outside Resources

Learn about the modeling process, the software platforms involved, and the documents that guide the models development.

What's New

Overview of the most recent version of the CFRPM 7 and its updates.

CFRPM Contact Information

How to get in touch with us.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.