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All updates and changes to CFRPM are listed here, in descending order by date. In cases where model files were changed, they are listed for download and use.

CFRPM Update Log


  • For clarification, the external traffic counts used by CFRPM 7 are in AADT, not in PSWADT. If users want to make the external traffic counts in PSWADT, PSWADT can be developed by multiplying the AADT volumes with the seasonal factors on the external links. The EE/EI EE trip tables would need to be adjusted for each scenario year to match the PSWADT on external links. In keeping with standard practice, users should review the seasonal and MOCF factors developed on all external station links since the counties are outside of the D5 region


  • Updated script: CFRPM_LoadedNetworkToGDB.py. This script creates the loaded network for each scenario. It has been revised to rename the loaded network field names. Previously, only the field aliases were renamed; this corrects this to ensure that the field names are the same as the aliases.


  • Updated scripts for daily volumes. The daily volume/daily capacity ratio equation was updated, in order to provide users with some base ratios. CFRPM 7 does not have daily capacities because it is a Time-of-Day model, so the updated equation is an estimation. They are close to previous daily capacities from CFRPM 6.1.

Wiki Updates


  • Confirmation of New Users
    • Due to inundation of spam bots posting spam articles on the CFRPM Wiki, we have implemented a mechanism for new users who create accounts. They will now have to be confirmed by a Wiki administrator. This will be done on a daily basis, and all legitimate users should be confirmed and able to post and edit by the next business day. We apologize for the inconvenience. If spam bots persist, other measures may need to be added to the new user registration process.