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Where do I download the most recent CFRPM Model?
Download the model by sending a request to requests@cfrpm.org.

What is the latest version of Cube Voyager that can be used to run CFRPM?
The model has been tested and runs in Cube 6.4.5.

Is CFRPM a daily or time-of-day model?
CFRPM 7 is a time-of-day model, with four time periods: AM peak, midday, PM peak, and overnight period. Previous versions of CFRPM have included both daily and time of day versions.

Is CFRPM a cost feasible model?
CFRPM 7 is a cost-feasible model, which means that only cost feasible and fully-funded, transportation projects are included in the various scenario year networks.

In some cases, developer-funded conceptual roads are added to the network because of future growth in certain areas. These roadways can be identified using the "PROJECT_ID" field in the scenario networks.