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Although FDOT originally planned to release a version of CFRPM named "7.2", due to the timeframe of needing to develop a new model to support the local MPOs for their 2050 Long Range Transportation Plans, a decision was made to keep the existing version 7.0 and release version 8.0. Version 8.0 will use the Caliper TransCAD modeling software.

CFRPM 7.0 is still the officially adopted model for all five of the MPOs located in District 5, until version 8.0 is released.

Release Date[edit]

The last MPO to adopt their LRTP does not adopt until December 2025. Thus, version 8.0 will not be released until January 2026. Training is anticipated for February or March 2026.

Progress & Schedule[edit]

As of December 6, 2023

FDOT is processing the Task Work Order to start the development of CFRPM 8.0.

The scope and schedule can be found here.

New Features[edit]

Due to budget and time limitations, CFRPM 8.0 will not be substantially changed from Version 7.0 or have new functionality or features. It will have a new base year, new forecast year, updated ZDATA, and updated networks.